How to Become an Expert in Your Niche

Effortlessly Start Attracting More Opportunities... and More Money

You can easily become THE ONE in your niche who comes to mind when people are asking for recommendations...

...the one who attracts the best clients at the highest fees...

...and you can learn how to do this in just a few hours.


By positioning yourself as an expert, you can start dominating your niche and command top dollar for your services.

"Start positioning, stop posturing.  Position, is literally standing in a place that naturally attracts the right clients to you."

(Business Growth Strategist, Ali Brown.  Source -

You'll get...
  • HOURS of pure content on EXACTLY what it takes to reach and maintain the level of ‘Expert’ in your industry.
  • The true money-making skill of becoming an expert that can change your finances forever.
  • More ways than you could ever imagine of exploding your sales.
  • How to directly apply these principles to YOUR business.
  • Comprehensive supporting materials to help ensure you fully understand the subject matter and help you move forward in the shortest possible timescale.
  • In short, everything you need to position yourself as the go-to authority in your field.

All training is delivered as high-quality, video-on-demand that you can watch any time, anywhere and on any device.

Here’s a quick look inside…

  • The great secret of when you’re allowed to call yourself an expert. Most people get this wrong.
  • The true, inspiring story behind how your instructor became an expert from nowhere and how you can do the exact same thing.
  • The key attributes you need and the action plan to follow.
  • How to use negative feedback to enhance your reputation as an expert.
  • The right kind of lead generation system... and how to reap the financial rewards it brings.
  • The insider secrets to becoming a featured expert on media channels outside your own.
  • How a good story will boost your sales and position you as an expert.
  • Why you must listen more than you speak if you want to boost your income and status.
  • Why ‘less is more’ is the best approach at events, leading to more sales.
  • The critical message your audience needs to hear over and over again that will cement you as the one they listen to and buy from.
  • Everything you need to know about Branding and how to leverage it.
  • How to use challenges you have faced and overcome in your life to grow your business and income.
  • Secrets for building the authority status people love to listen to and buy from.
  • How to confidently charge what you are worth and get it nearly every time.
  • 9 key proof elements that make you stand out in your customers’ eyes. You can have at least half of these proof elements set up by the end of this week alone.     

Who is this training for?

Any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business fast.

Any small business owner who wants to get more sales.

Any affiliate marketer who wants to earn more commissions.

Any online course creator who wants more money and opportunities.

Any coach/consultant who wants to take their business to the next level.

Any influencer who wants expert status in the fastest time possible.

If YOU need to stand out from the competition, get more leads and generate more sales, i.e. if you're in business then this training is for you!

Meet Your Instructor...

Award-winning, best-selling author and publisher, Richard McMunn left school with just 3 GCSE's and joined the Royal Navy before spending 17 years serving in Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

He had the drive and determination to quickly propel himself to the top.  Nowadays, he's an industry-recognised expert with numerous local and national awards and accolades to his name.

Richard is a recognised authority and expert who can create the same results for you.

With recognition for his innovative ideas and proactive marketing at the Publisher’s Guild Awards he knows exactly what he's talking about.

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