Growing a Profitable Facebook Group

How to Create a Super Profitable Facebook Group (the right way) that Generates Life-Changing Autopilot Income... and... do it Over, and Over, and Over Again!

The Internet has revived one of our most powerful, ancient ways to create wealth, power and influence and modernised it as THE ONLINE TRIBE (or Facebook Group).

With over 1 billion group users and continually growing, Facebook is the place where everyone is hanging out and that's why they're putting millions of dollars into developing the community and group side of their business.

This presents YOU with an ideal opportunity to get on board this growing and exciting trend, build your own passionate community, attract more leads and ultimately sell more products and services.

"The Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big changes."

(Seth Godin, Global Marketing Expert)

You'll get...
  • Complete training on building lucrative Facebook Groups that you can apply to ANY profitable niche online.
  • Expert tutoring from one of Facebook's officially "recognised community leaders and experts".
  • Information that is usually reserved for exclusive high-paying clients.
  • Access to all the secrets of generating online cash "tribes".
  • Accompanying course materials to accelerate your learning and skills.

Here’s a quick look inside…

  • The single critical key you need to grow a successful Facebook Group. No one else is teaching this.
  • Why this is the best time in history to build your own tribe and how to set it up for profitability from the start. Most people get this wrong because they're not told HOW.
  • Why community will be the core of all business in the future and how it will beat out any advertising platform for growing your business.
  • The BIGGEST QUESTION you need to ask yourself before you set up a Facebook Group if you want to make money with it.
  • 8 highly profitable functions your Facebook Group could perform for your audience.
  • The insider secrets of what your role is as a community leader and how to use this role to boost your profits.
  • How to create your vision and mission... essential if you want to make any money.
  • How to get set for success by doing the opposite of what most people do.
  • 7 different types of business impacts your Facebook Group can have. These ideas will blow your mind and boost your profits no end.
  • The secret sauce to engagement and why it's behind some of the most successful Facebook Groups online today.
  • The single critical key to engaging members from the beginning. Vital for any profitable Facebook Group.
  • How to get in front of new audiences, online and offline, and explode your membership.
  • How to get members spending money, the easy way.

Who is this training for?

Whether you’re an Entrepreneur... Small business owner... Author... Affiliate marketer... Artist... Influencer... Online course creator... Voluntary sector person... Group leader... or Coach/Consultant... YOU need to know how to BUILD A PROFITABLE FACEBOOK GROUP or ‘tribe’ because...

The future of business is in community...
The future of business is owning your own ‘tribe’ online.

In the coming years, community will become more and more important to ANY business.

Facebook is putting millions of dollars into developing the community and group side of their business.

Savvy people everywhere are setting up their own lucrative ‘tribe’ in the form of Facebook groups around their niche, and monetising the Facebook group following for autopilot income.

YOU can do the exact same thing.

Meet Your Instructor...

Claire Perry-Louise is THE EXPERT the BIG GUNS of online business call in when they want advice on building a successful Facebook group.

Facebook calls her, "a recognised community leader and expert."

Facebook recently officially recognised Claire as a community leader and expert when it comes to building PROFITABLE online communities like Facebook groups. They invited her to their offices in Dublin for the award and also shared with her a number of their up-and-coming strategies for making Facebook groups even bigger and better.

World famous entrepreneur and speaker, Daniel Priestley, says, "Claire is the only person I trust with my online community."
Daniel owns the GLOBAL company DENT, dedicated to training and helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and make a real impact in the world. He appointed Claire Community Strategist Manager.

International communications company Hire Logic flew Claire to their headquarters in Washington to ask her all about building successful online communities.

Richard Wood from The Apprentice fame uses Claire as his go-to person for all matters related to community and Facebook groups.

Claire has been in the community building space since 2013, having written one of the leading books on membership sites. She has also spoken at multiple global speaking events about Facebook groups and shared the stage with people like Simon Coulson (a UK giant of internet marketing).

Now she's passing on all her solid knowledge to YOU!

Get Instant, Lifetime Access to Growing a Profitable Facebook Group for just £297.

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